About Us

I have always been totally against natural hair as relaxed hair was more manageable for me. I have eczema in my head and relaxers would always irritate my scalp but I didn't care! I began the natural journey by force in 2019. I kept braids the majority of the year so there wasn't a purpose to keep getting a relaxer. I transitioned for 10 months and decided to do the big chop April 2020. I never had to manage my hair in its natural state so I was totally lost. Even though I do have a cosmetology license, I did not do natural hair often especially my own! I tried all of these store bought products until I was introduced to handmade, all natural hair products. BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD! The only people that could tell me about my hair were the ones who looked like me and had hair like mine, so natural products made by African American women was my choice!
I was introduced to Ayurveda by a friend of mine. Mind blowing! I started researching Ayurveda heavily! I started making conditioners and masks for my hair using Ayurvedic Herbs and methods that changed the way I looked at my own hair. My eczema cleared up almost immediately. I started making oils and butters and shampoo bars that changed my entire shampoo day routine and regimen! I started adding Ayurvedic Herbs to my conditioners and I never stopped! I asked a few friends to be my testers and for their opinions on some oils I made and they loved it! Then TheHairapy Infusions was born!
Our hair growth products are infused with fresh herbs as well as Ayurvedic herbs in order to promote hair growth and reduce hair fall. Hair is hair! Any oil can be used by men and women. Please read the ingredients. Please make sure you are NOT allergic to any ingredients listed. WE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE. Products/Units are handmade by our owner - a retired licensed cosmetologist